Top tips on naming your online fundraising campaign

15 February 18

What’s in a name? While Shakespeare might have felt that a rose by any other name would still have smelled as sweet, that’s not the case when it comes to online fundraising. In the fundraising world the name that you give to your campaign can have a big influence over its success, from the appeal it has to supporters to the way it feeds into marketing. If you’re currently looking for a name for your online fundraising campaign then these are some top tips:


Be inspired by other successful campaign names


Duplicating an existing name won’t make your campaign unique and could cause a lot of confusion. However, you can still take inspiration from other very successful campaign names. The “No Make Up Selfie” campaign, for example, achieved enormous success by incorporating a pop culture term and choosing a name that was entirely self explanatory.


Make the name specific to your cause


The more specific the name that you choose, the more likely people are to get behind the cause. Vague and generally named campaigns can suffer because it isn’t instantly obvious what the campaign is about and who will benefit from the funds. Although it’s important to keep the campaign name short you still need to provide enough information for people to want to find out more.


Choose a name that stands out


When you begin an online fundraising campaign you are effectively competing in a very crowded marketplace. There could be a lot of people who might potentially contribute to your campaign but pass it over in favour of others because it just isn’t noticeable. The name of the campaign has a big part to play in how much your campaign stands out from others so bear that in mind when deciding on a name.


Pick a name that makes people feel something


It could simply be curiosity about the cause and what the campaign is all about. Or the name that you choose could be specifically designed to make someone reading it feel compassion or the need for action. Some examples might include “#BayAreaUnite for California Fire Relief” or “Help Get Meat Trade Survivor Dogs To A Forever Home.” Don’t be afraid to pick an emotive name – you don’t have to be cool or dispassionate, in fact the more you are the less likely others will want to get involved to help.


Make sure no one else has the same name


Launching a campaign with the same name as another one already in existence would be a big fail. So, make sure that you check out all your potential name options by searching online and checking with other charities to find out whether the name is already in use.


As well as a great name for your online fundraising campaign, you’ll also need to have an effective platform for it. give.net offers a secure way to set your campaign up, to provide information about the cause and to accept donations.