Make the Most of Your Fundraising in Light of the Facebook News Feed Changes

05 February 18

Facebook’s news feed algorithm is getting a dramatic new makeover for 2018. The motivation behind the changes is to prioritise “meaningful social interactions” and to focus on fostering a greater sense of community and wellbeing among Facebook users. This was all explained recently by head honcho Mark Zuckerberg. However, given that the result of these…


10 Reasons Why Online Fundraising is a Great Platform to Raise Money

23 January 18

Whatever your cause, online fundraising offers some fantastic opportunities to generate awareness and raise money. There are many different ways to use the online world as a platform to raise cash and lots of benefits to doing so. Online giving grows year on year. In fact, across all sectors it’s expanding by 13+% per year….


Fun facts About Most Online Donors

10 January 18

Online giving is now one of the most popular ways to support charitable causes. According to the Charitable Giving Report, online donations now make up roughly two thirds of total funds that are being raised. So, if this is your chosen method of fundraising then you are directing your energies to the right place. But…


How to use Facebook to increase your Fundraising

05 January 18

Social media has a big part to play in successful online fundraising. And, with 2.07 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is one of the social platforms with the most potential. If you’re looking to increase the reach – and the effectiveness – of your fundraising then Facebook provides a simple and cost effective way…


3 Fundraising Challenges Faced by Charities and How to Overcome Them

21 December 17

Fundraising is an essential source of income for charities but is also one of the biggest challenges that most non-profits face. You may have thousands of supporters out there waiting to donate but reaching them isn’t always that easy. No matter what your cause, there are three main fundraising challenges that most charities face. A…


How can an online platform form a key part of your online fundraising campaign?

19 December 17

Online giving presents a fantastic opportunity to raise money and awareness for a cause that you’re passionate about. It has become a very popular option, both for individual fundraisers, and for charities looking to reach out to a wide audience of potential supporters. An online fundraising platform has a key role to play in a…


How to make your online fundraising appealing to encourage donations

15 December 17

While online fundraising provides a fantastic opportunity to gain traction and cash for your cause, it’s also becoming an increasingly difficult place in which to stand out. Success is often measured in donations and if your goal is to generate as many donations as possible then you’re going to need to make your online fundraising…


Why is online fundraising becoming more popular?

04 December 17

Online fundraising has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. It’s now one of the most popular ways to raise money – and also one of the most popular ways to give. It’s easy to see many of the benefits of raising awareness online, including that you can do it from anywhere and that…


How can you grow your supporters through personal interaction?

28 November 17

The digital world offers a wealth of opportunity if you’re looking to boost an online fundraising campaign. Personal interaction online is one of the most valuable tools to businesses and marketers – and it can also help you grow supporters for your project. If you’re looking for ways to make user generated content for work…


What flexibility does using an online fundraising platform give you?

25 November 17

Fundraising is enormously rewarding and you can make a real difference to a project or cause. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges that need to be overcome if you’re going to get to that end goal. Using an online fundraising platform is becoming more and more popular because it’s a convenient…