The big give.net summer tour

08 August 12


Knee deep at New Wine

“What’s this thing I’ve got to wear on my back all week?”

Massive white letters on his t-shirt read out ‘give.net’. This guy (along with the rest of the New Wine staff) was about to become a walking billboard, and he wanted answers.

“It’s the new online fundraising service from Stewardship,” Bethan told him, “We’re launching it this week.”

Actually, we were launching it across three weeks – to an audience of over 27,000 people at the New Wine Festivals in Newark and Shepton Mallet. And what a launch it was. Give.net was plastered all over the campsites and even made it up onto the main stage – twice. People kept coming up to us, saying ‘What is give.net? It’s EVERYWHERE!’

Almost £2000 was donated in the New Wine collections, using specially created give.net donation pages. The collections benefitted a host of different organisations: from Street Pastors to Hope for Justice. The especially cool part, though, was that givers in the congregation could claim Gift Aid and maintain anonymity; something they wouldn’t have been able to do offline.

Give.net raises thousands

Since the website has gone live, almost £30,000 has been donated to charitable causes using give.net. Of that, £17k has been donated since we came out of beta last month.

We’re seeing new fundraising pages crop up left, right and centre. You’re biking to build schools in Kenya, and doing – uh – sponsored toilet-sits, and we’re excited to see how you generous people are using give.net creatively. If you’d like your fundraising effort to be featured in the give.net blog, contact [email protected].

Three things you can do right now:

  1. See if you can spot yourself in our New Wine photos
  2. Donate to the New Wine pages (choose from LSECSW or the general collection)
  3. Tell us what you’re doing for charity on Twitter