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How do all of your teams work together to fundraise online?

09 May 18

Online fundraising is a very effective way to make an impact. However, it’s often easy to underestimate just how many people it takes to make a campaign come together and achieve the heady heights of success. So, how do all of your teams work together to fundraise online?   The frontline people   You might…


Why should you be engaging with first-time donors?

29 April 18

In the world of online giving, opportunities to reach a broader audience and improve fundraising efforts should always be taken. And yet, many tend to overlook the importance of engaging with first-time donors in a meaningful way. Most of us remember the first time that we do something, whether that’s the first goal scored or…


Could starting a blog help to boost your online fundraising?

22 April 18

When it comes to planning an online fundraising campaign, there’s always a point at which you need to work out how you’re going to attract attention to your efforts. Social media is incredibly effective – and blogging makes up a big part of that. Blogging has become big business commercially – according to Tech Client…


8 need-to-know facts about online donations and giving

06 April 18

If you’re planning to launch an online fundraising campaign this year, or you’re a charity keen to increase donations, then it is always beneficial to understand how online donations and giving work. With a little information and these 8 need-to-know facts about giving online, you could do even more with your fundraising goals this year….


How to get your social media to build your online fundraising campaign

26 March 18

  Tackling social media is crucial for any charity or fundraiser looking to really engage with potential supporters. However, it can be something of a mystery if you don’t have a huge amount of experience with it. If you’re looking to use social media to build your online fundraising campaign then these are some of…


The basics of creating  a strong online fundraising campaign with longevity

15 March 18

It’s amazing what you can achieve with a strong online fundraising campaign. With the right structure, strategy and planning you can build a community around your cause and raise crucial funds to deliver essential resources. However, not every online fundraising campaign lives up to expectations – and not all have the kind of longevity that…


Have you tried these methods within your fundraising campaign?

10 March 18

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in online fundraising is the fact that many existing methods are tried and tested. On the one hand this can be useful data when it comes to working out what might be the best option for your fundraising campaign. On the other hand, it makes it difficult to ensure…


How do online fundraising trends affect non-profit organisations?

05 March 18

Online fundraising is an increasingly powerful force in the giving world. Statistics vary but, while offline fundraising methods still raise more, there is every indication that we are beginning to move towards online as the donation method of choice. For non-profit organisations it’s important to note the trend towards online giving and, in particular, what…


Top tips on naming your online fundraising campaign

15 February 18

What’s in a name? While Shakespeare might have felt that a rose by any other name would still have smelled as sweet, that’s not the case when it comes to online fundraising. In the fundraising world the name that you give to your campaign can have a big influence over its success, from the appeal…


10 Reasons Why Online Fundraising is a Great Platform to Raise Money

23 January 18

Whatever your cause, online fundraising offers some fantastic opportunities to generate awareness and raise money. There are many different ways to use the online world as a platform to raise cash and lots of benefits to doing so. Online giving grows year on year. In fact, across all sectors it’s expanding by 13+% per year….