Purpose over profit – what we do with the leftovers

02 March 12

If you’ve not realised it yet, give.net is powered by Stewardship, one of the largest Christian charities in the UK.  We’ve been a charity since 1906 and we have no intention of changing that anytime soon.

Being a charity makes us special in any number of ways (well, we think so anyway) but it also means you can use give.net in full confidence that we’re not profiting from your generosity.

Our costs are kept as low as possible and the little we do keep back for admin goes to pay our small but dedicated team a fair wage for an honest day’s work.

Because we’re a charity, in the event that we do make a surplus from give.net or any of our other charitable activities, this will always be ploughed back into our charitable work.  Here’s a quick look at the sorts of things we do with the leftovers:

  • Reinvest in our systems to make it even easier for people to give.  Watch this space for mobile giving, for example.
  • Create great campaigns and resources to inspire people in their giving.  Check out The Money Course and 40acts for a taster.
  • Support other national Christian initiatives that compliment our own charitable aims (like our friends at Hope Together,  CAP Money Ministers and The Pentecost Festival)

So there you have it.

Fundraising for charity, by a charity supporting other charities.  We think that’s got a catchy ring to it and we hope you agree