How to use social media to increase your charity fundraising

13 October 17

When you think about social media you might primarily think of connecting with your friends and family and sharing messages and photographs that offer small insights into each others’ lives. However, social media is now used for much more than simply socialising – from marketing to fundraising, and in fact, these can be linked!

Fundraising on social media

Promoting fundraising through social media is now widely accepted by users, with around 30% of referred traffic to fundraising and donation pages now coming from Facebook alone.  Around 92% of users have “Liked” non-profit or charity pages on Facebook, which shows the interest and willingness from Facebook users to engage with fundraising campaigns through the social media platform.  So how can you use social media to increase your fundraising?

Locate your target audience

If you’re a charity working with a specific group of people or for one main cause, you should first establish your goals and then locate your target audience. Use Facebook Audience and Twitter Analytics tools to find out which social media platforms your current donors, volunteers and advocates use frequently and then set up a Page or Profile to engage with them. Share links to your fundraising page from there, and use the platform to give more information about how the funds will be used, too. Don’t forget to engage with the community; these platforms are designed to be inherently social, after all.

Be unique on each platform

Every social media platform is different so the content that you share and what you write will need to be targeted to each. Find out a little bit about each platform and then make sure you fit with what gets the most engagement, for example Twitter has limitations like a character limit per Tweet which may need to be considered. Some platforms get great engagement through media such as pictures, so embrace whatever works best to get the most engagement and increase your fundraising.

Convey your key message

It is important to share your goals, and what your fundraising cause is. Conveying your key message is at the centre of fundraising, and then people can choose to donate knowing what they are giving towards. Give ideas about how much their donation could help – for example what £50 would mean if given to your chosen charity. You could also publish your goals so that those giving can see where you are in relation to your target. This can also encourage people to give more.

Call to action is key

Make sure that you include a call to action on your posts on social media. This can be anything from a direct “donate here” to “find out more by looking at our page” or “follow our journey on social media”. The aim is to direct viewers from social media onto your fundraising page to see more and to actually donate to your cause.

Social media as a fundraising tool

Combined with a strong and easy-to-use fundraising page, social media can be a powerful tool to spread the word and increase your fundraising. Set up your fundraising page here by visiting our website.