How can you grow your supporters through personal interaction?

28 November 17

The digital world offers a wealth of opportunity if you’re looking to boost an online fundraising campaign. Personal interaction online is one of the most valuable tools to businesses and marketers – and it can also help you grow supporters for your project. If you’re looking for ways to make user generated content for work you then here are some key tips.

Bring in guest bloggers, vloggers and influencers

Your website is a great way to drive traffic to the project page on your online fundraising platform. But how do you attract people to the website? Content such as blogs, infographics, explainer videos and video blogs are a great way to start generating more traffic for your website – and interest in your campaign. Particularly if you’re able to involve guest posters and influencers who have large social media followings, you could attract a lot more attention and considerably grow your supporter base with a few pieces of prime guest content.

Engage with your social media audience

Many brands use social media as something of a broadcast network. So, they simply prepare and then release pieces of information about their projects, organisations or values and leave it at that. This is a huge waste of resource as social media is an interactive platform that thrives on conversations. So, if you want to get more people involved in what you’re doing then why not ask them questions and get their opinions on the issues you’re tackling? You could start an important discussion and with the right hash tag end up trending. Twitter and Facebook polls are a great way to get people to engage and you can also set your followers tasks and challenges to help build some momentum.

Be reciprocal

From replying, liking and retweeting or reposting content on social media through to sharing other people’s blog posts, there are many ways that you can show support for the people who support you. The more reciprocal you are when it comes to helping others to get their message out, the more likely they are to help you too. If you want to test this out to see how it works then spend an hour or so on social media simply ‘giving’ to others’ posts (i.e. retweeting, liking, sharing). In the days that follow you should see a decent return on that effort.

Make sure you start with a good online fundraising platform

Your online fundraising platform will be the place that everything links back to. It doesn’t matter how effective your marketing is, if you don’t have that foundation of a strong, informative page that is easy for supporters to use to make donations then your campaign could falter. So, when you’re thinking about the personal interaction element of what you’re trying to do, design a fundraising page that is very informative and provides your potential supporters with lots of ways to get involved.

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