How can engagement with supporters help you to exceed your fundraising targets?

04 November 17

The online world offers a huge range of opportunities for connection and giving. In fact, online fundraising has changed the face of giving in many ways and it’s now much easier to reach your fundraising target thanks to the benefits of tech and the way you can use it to engage people’s minds. If you’ve created an online fundraising target and you’re looking for ways to encourage others to support you to get there then engagement is the key.

Teamwork makes the dream work

If you’re part of a fundraising team – even if that’s just one or two other people – then you will vastly increase the reach of your fundraising campaign. Digital engagement works on the basis of networks initially and the more of you there are in those early networks the larger the potential for your news to spread. Start by engaging with your networks, whether that’s via social sites or email, and then ask them to engage with their networks to create a snowball effect.

Create your own digital assets

Shareable content, such as your own images, GIFs and videos, are worth their weight in gold when it comes to engagement. As human beings we have a concentration span of roughly nine seconds online and we are programmed to absorb visuals much faster than words. So, if you’re able to create your own branded assets then not only will you be able to give supporters something to share to spread the message of your campaign but you’ll also have much more effective tools at your disposal for making an impact.

Make use of online communities

Facebook groups are particularly useful when it comes to creating an engaged online supporter base you can use as a springboard to go out and spread the word about your online fundraising projects. These communities provide a way for your supporters to engage with you directly and to ask essential questions. You’ll also be able to funnel your shareable content into your online communities so that it can be shared forward within your supporters own networks.

Consider all the engagement options

There are many different ways to engage with your supporters and the right one will, to a certain extent, depend on who your supporters are. You don’t have to stick to digital-only means as there are many other ways to achieve this too. For example, you might want to consider an SMS campaign to push out news about essential contribution deadlines. You could also consider email shots with news and information that could drive people to support your online fundraising campaign. Or, you could be old school and just pick up the phone.


These are just some of the ways that you can help to boost engagement with the supporters of your online fundraising campaign. Make sure that you’ve established a comprehensive and easily shareable fundraising page so that potential supporters can get all the information they need about your project – give.net makes this super simple and it’s free for fundraisers and charities.