Handlebars at the ready, gents! Movember’s coming…

16 October 13

By now we’re sure a lot of you will have heard of ‘Movember’. A chance for men everywhere to show support for for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health by sprouting facial hair galore!


Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.

So beards, long side-burns, moustaches (however barely there) will be grown in abundance throughout the month of November.

This year, there is an exciting twist – ‘The Holy Mo’. It is a chance for faith groups from workplaces, churches, youth groups, etc. to do some team fundraising in support of this cause and get a bit competitive with it too. There’s a leaders’ board to try and climb, as well as the ‘Moscars’ where your fundraising journey can be captured through various media and entered into the running for a prize.

For any ladies reading this – don’t worry, you can get involved too (although there’s no need to grow a moustache unless you’re particularly willing and able!). The ‘Mo Sistas’ job is to encourage all the men in their lives – brothers, boyfriends, uncles, husbands – to get working on those handlebars. And to sponsor them, of course.

So, feel like a challenge? Want to get involved?

Gents – visit the Holy Mo network here, and then head here to set up your Mo Space.  For full instructions, head here.

Sistas – you can’t really have a Mo Space, BUT fear not – give.net is still open and ready for you to use if you’d like to do your own (not at all competitive…!) fundraising for Movember. You could sell moustachioed cupcakes, wear moustache-related facepaint for a week, auction off moustache-themed haikus – the possibilities are endless… Start fundraising here.