Did you know that give.net is powered by Stewardship?

15 March 21

Did you know that give.net is powered by Stewardship?

For over a century, since 1906, Stewardship has been providing guidance, inspiration and practical tools for people to give and receive money joyfully, generously and tax-effectively.

In 2010, Stewardship’s giving accounts were made available online.  A few weeks after pressing the button, the first enquiry about online fundraising came, so on a cold spring morning at the start of 2011, we sat around a table and came up with a plan… Fast forward to April 2012 and give.net went live.

Created for fundraisers to raise support for causes they care about, and for thousands of churches and charities to have a presence online; give.net made it easier for givers to find a cause to support  and created greater opportunities for churches and charities to profile their work, projects and appeals for online fundraising. It has also given Christian workers registered with us an online presence.

Over the past decade, give.net users have raised over £15m to support a whole range of causes close to their hearts. In 2020 alone, £1.3m was raised! This transformational generosity goes beyond just the person making the gift. Behind the scenes, we work hard to enable givers to become active stewards of their resources, while also supporting the recipients of our funds by offering training, tools and guidance to help them steward resources responsibly and equip them in their Kingdom work.

2021, and we’re still driven to further innovate and design improved functionality to enhance, deepen and grow your partnership and experience with Stewardship.

At the end of April, Stewardship is transforming to better support you and the causes that you love and serve.

As part of our efforts to make your online experience the best it can be, we’ve decided to centralise all of our resources and move all of our domains under one roof: stewardship.org.uk.

This means that from April 27, all give.net Accounts will be recognised as Stewardship Giving Accounts, which can be accessed anywhere, at any time online. If you are a church or charity, your profile and fundraising pages will move to stewardship.org.uk. If you are a Christian worker with a profile page on give.net, your profile page will also move to Stewardship.org.uk.

We’ll be communicating further in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out for an email from us in your inbox soon.

As in the past, Stewardship’s Giving, Christian worker, Church and Charity Accounts offer reliability and security, with the heart of a passionate charity focused on generosity and mission, driving them forward. We promise that the service and functionality you’ve enjoyed over the past decade will remain the same – it’s just the platform and tools that you use to raise and give support online that’ll look a little different.

We’re so excited for you to see our new identity when it goes live!