Could starting a blog help to boost your online fundraising?

22 April 18

When it comes to planning an online fundraising campaign, there’s always a point at which you need to work out how you’re going to attract attention to your efforts. Social media is incredibly effective – and blogging makes up a big part of that. Blogging has become big business commercially – according to Tech Client a website with a blog has a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines and blogs have been proven instrumental in driving traffic to website pages. But does blogging have the same impact in the charity world?


How does a blog contribute to an online fundraising campaign?


Providing more information. You might have an excellent Twitter presence and a great website but there are restrictions with both of these in terms of post length and freshness. A regular blog provides the opportunity to explore your topic and to give potential supporters more insight into why you’re doing what you’re doing and how they could help.


Giving your campaign some personality. Many campaign materials are fact based and, although useful, aren’t that effective when it comes to engaging with supporters. With a blog you can create a “voice” for your campaign that makes it easier for people to engage with the information you’re trying to get across.


Blog + Twitter etc can be powerful. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are fantastic for creating an audience for an online fundraising campaign. However, they have their limitations. A regularly updated blog combined with frequent posts on social platforms provides the opportunity to amplify your efforts in both directions.


A key tool in spreading awareness of your cause. A blog can be an essential component in making people aware of what you’re trying to do. This is not just because of the information your blog can convey but also the power that it has to attract traffic to your fundraising pages. Genuinely useful blog content with organic keywords can help to improve the search rankings for your online fundraising presence and make sure that people who could potentially support your cause can find you.


Enabling community building online. A blog can provide a central point from which to build a community around your campaign and your cause. Online communities are incredibly powerful when it comes to achieving fundraising success. They are supportive networks that can enable you to broadcast your message far and wide. It’s difficult to build a community without something like a well written, personality-filled blog to provide the necessary anchor.


Make your content searchable. If you’re regularly writing blogs on important topics and issues surrounding your campaign then tag these with key words to make them searchable. That way you’ll create a library of information that others can search to discover more about what you’re doing.


With a great blog, social profiles and an informative fundraising page on Give.net you can get your fundraising campaign off to a fantastic start – and boost your prospects of success.