Comb one comb all: fundraiser has locks of fun dyeing hair for charity

09 October 12


Over the next three months, give.net fundraiser David Grieve will be dying (in his own words) his ‘visible hairy bits’ in the colours of the Romanian National Flag in order to raise money for UK Christian charity JARS.

We caught up with David to talk fundraising, Romania and hair dye…

So David, why did you decide to raise money for JARS (Jesus and Relief Supplies)?

“I’ve visited Romania many times and have seen a lot of poverty and heard harrowing stories. These days, money that can be sent to Romania can, in some ways, be a more useful way of meeting needs than taking goods.

I am a trustee of JARS, a charity which works alongside Romanian Nationals in North East Romania to help relieve poverty, sickness and to further the Christian Gospel. It actively seeks to come alongside local Romanian people and look for ways it can serve. I decided that I could and should do something to raise much needed finances and also awareness of JARS in the UK.

The money I raise will be split between several JARS projects; some money will be used to support JARS’ work with the local, marginalised Gypsy community, and another amount will be used to support JARS’ workers, enabling them to stay in Romania and to develop their work.”

What gave you the idea to dye your hair and beard for three months?

“I’m now in my sixties; time for a bit of fun and, as I’m a retired Priest, I don’t have any situations where it would be inappropriate. I’m not up to a charity run and didn’t want to shave anything off, so I thought I’d become the Romanian flag on my visible hairy bits, to advertise Romania and JARS’ ministry in particular. I’m hoping that Christian groups will accept my offer to come and speak to them.”

And what reactions have you received so far?

“I have received a lot of looks and double takes, but everyone has reacted positively. I’ve been told that the look suits me and makes me look younger and that I should keep it!

One person asked me if I was doing it for a bet, and when I said that I was doing it for charity they said; “Oh well done!”

One night when I walked into a meeting I got a round of applause! Once a fortnight, I also act as a chaplain to visitors at Durham Cathedral, so I’m looking forward to reactions there. When I went today, I had a lot of ‘looks’, especially from visitors; however, staff and volunteers who know me wanted to know all about it. I’ll be taking services at home this weekend, so that should be fun.”

Have you experienced any side effects from dyeing your hair and beard?

“The bleach at the hairdressers stung for a very short while, but apart from that, no problems. In fact, I sometimes forget I’ve done it until I look in a mirror!”

Some final words from David…

It’s very exciting to be able to catch people’s imagination in this way. I’ve had so much support and encouragement from friends, and been so moved by generous donations, even before the dye was cast on Monday. The give.net service is a great way to raise funds and to spread the word about JARS. Ian Paxton, a full time JARS volunteer who lives in Romania, is also doing his bit by cutting off his beloved pony tail (you can take a look at his give.net fundraising page here). It’s a great privilege for me to serve the Lord in this way.

All the best with your fundraising David!

David will be undergoing his hair raising fundraiser from October to December 2012. Click ‘hair’ to take a look at his give.net fundraising page.