Beta testing – but what does it mean?!

02 March 12

For the uninitiated Beta testing can sound like a painful process.  But fear not – it really isn’t as bad as it sounds.  In fact, it’s computer speak for “we’re pretty much ready for the world and his/her dog to use this great new website, but we want to control access while we iron out the  last little details.”*

So, what can you do on give.net while in beta test mode?

Build fundraising pages, donate on fundraising pages, recipients can build their own donation pages, in fact pretty much everything!  Some of the steps might look a little rough around the edges at the moment, but most of the core functionality of give.net is in place.

Great, but what can’t you do?

You won’t be able to create fundraising pages for in support of our Christian worker or Bible College recipients.  Similarly, those recipients won’t yet be able to create their own donation page.

The process to create fundraising pages is probably the only other difference between beta test and the fully launched site.

In test mode you can only access the page creation process through your existing Stewardship giving account.  When we go live, anyone will be able to visit give.net and start building their page straight away.

When will test mode be finished?

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone but we hope to go public with give.net in the Summer.  Given how British weather works, that means we’re aiming at a two day window somewhere between May and late September.

Behind the scenes we’re working on a few extra bits that we’ll add before we officially launch the website publically… more on that later.

*This is a slightly more sophisticated definition of beta testing.