8 need-to-know facts about online donations and giving

06 April 18

If you’re planning to launch an online fundraising campaign this year, or you’re a charity keen to increase donations, then it is always beneficial to understand how online donations and giving work. With a little information and these 8 need-to-know facts about giving online, you could do even more with your fundraising goals this year.


  1. Social media is an incredibly effective tool


We spend a lot of time on social media these days, especially those in younger generations. So, having a presence on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is going to be crucial to how many people you can attract to your fundraising efforts. 71% of non-profits agree that social media is an effective tool for online fundraising so make this one of your starting points.


  1. Mobile is a key trend


The number of online donations that are being made via a mobile device, as opposed to a desktop computer for example, is rising every year. So, it is important to ensure that those who want to donate to your campaign can get information about it – and make their donation – via their phones.


  1. Giving is trending


The rate of giving is rising by around 2% per year in the UK and technology is making it easier too. Online fundraising is growing at around a similar rate and helping to attract people from all generations who are looking to make a difference by giving to a cause that they believe in.


  1. Snapchat is worth exploring


The idea behind Snapchat is to give people a “behind the scenes” insight, whether that’s backstage at a fashion show or on the ground with a project that is making a difference in a local community. Supporters are much more likely to give – and to give more – if they are able to see and hear the results of that giving and Snapchat is a very simple way to demonstrate that.


  1. Video could be a key to success


On Facebook, for example, videos are shared seven times more than links. Video content consistently does better than any other type of content, with respect to engagement and is much easier to digest. Plus, it’s a faster and more effective way of telling a story, something that is crucial to successful giving campaigns.


  1. Concise email techniques work


People don’t want to read wordy emails; they want you to get to the point. This is illustrated by the fact that shortened email subject headers have the highest engagement rates.


  1. You should be targeting Millennials


Many assume that it’s older generations who are the key community for giving support. This is a misconception and one that could be losing you valuable contributions. In fact, Millennials are twice as likely to make charitable donations than the over 55s so they are a generation worth targeting.


  1. Digital giving now makes up £26 in every £100 donated


If you’re not using websites, social media and apps you could miss out on 26% of your potential donations.


There is an art to online fundraising and it also starts with the right fundraising platform, such as the resources available from give.net. Why not give our platform a try today?