4 Bright Ideas to give your Church fundraising a boost

05 February 17

bright church fundraising ideas

Here Andrew Evans, fundraising and marketing consultant for churches and charities, shares four bright ideas that   you can do to make sure your amazing work is better resourced this year….

“Some of your new year resolutions have probably already bitten the dust (go on, have another chocolate). But you can make plans now to improve your church’s financial position in 2017; not by the traditional method of cutting back on the Sunday morning biscuit spend, but by growing your giving:”

  1. Say thank you

An amazing number of churches don’t send an annual “statement” to people who give by Standing Order/Direct Debit. Plan now to send a personalised letter at the end of the tax year detailing people’s total giving over the year (including the Gift Aid you have reclaimed), reminding them to claim the additional 20% if they are a higher rate tax payer and asking if they’d consider increasing their monthly gift.

  1. Tell them what it’s for

If you have a weekly collection make it your habit to mention every week one of the things that the collection helps to pay for. “The work of the church” isn’t specific enough to make anyone think “oh yes, how exciting.”. You can highlight things such as children’s work, Alpha courses, training events, activities for older people or funding the salaries of staff who visit people, preach and lead. Keep it brief (one sentence) and as varied as you can.

  1. Plan a gift day

An annual focus for giving is the single best way for churches to both teach people a biblical view of the subject and to get them to respond by giving one off and regular gifts. A good gift day takes 4-6 months of planning and preparation so put a date in the diary NOW.

  1. Look at your literature

Most churches should have two places where giving is mentioned in print. The first is leaflet where you explain why you think people should give and what the money is spent on with a response form is essential. If you don’t have one of these make it a 2017 mission to write one. The second place is in your notice sheet. A brief monthly notice which says how much you need to get in each month, how much was received last month, and what you are excited about doing with the money (a new project perhaps) keeps the need to give alive in people’s minds.

Andrew Evans was a church planter and pastor in Liverpool and now works as a fundraising and marketing consultant for churches and charities across the UK.