3 Fundraising Challenges Faced by Charities and How to Overcome Them

21 December 17

Fundraising is an essential source of income for charities but is also one of the biggest challenges that most non-profits face. You may have thousands of supporters out there waiting to donate but reaching them isn’t always that easy. No matter what your cause, there are three main fundraising challenges that most charities face.

A small team

Resources in the charity sector rarely allow for large teams of people to help out on fundraising campaigns. So, for many non-profits, the biggest challenge is raising awareness and attracting donations with only a limited number of people to help you do it. This is where the opportunities for online giving make life much easier. Using an online fundraising platform, for example, gives you instant access to a readymade audience of people looking to give. You’ll also be able to set up a fundraising page that is engaging and easily shareable – according to the United Nations 3 billion people are now online globally; that’s a lot of potential supporters you can reach if you make use of digital fundraising options. Offline, if your cause has a local context then you might want to consider partnering with local organisations and companies to help broaden the supporter base.

A limited budget

Another key challenge for charities is the lack of money for covering the cost of marketing campaigns and advertising that could be used to reach a wider range of people. Social media provides a great solution to this. There are many charities already making very effective use of social media and some causes have gone viral – the #NoMakeUpSelfie campaign for Cancer Research, for example, raised £8 million in just a week. Your campaign doesn’t have to go viral to achieve considerable success thanks to the influence of social media. If you’re going to work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other platforms then remember the rule of thumb for engagement 20:80. 20% of your content should be purely about your organisation, aims and what you’re trying to achieve and the other 80% about interesting posts or related topics. Social media advertising is a solid alternative to traditional means for those on a very tight budget. You can set key values such as how much you want to spend and target the ads at a specific demographic.

A lack of infrastructure

Charitable organisations rarely have extensive software infrastructure, significant IT support or tools for in-depth campaign analytics. However, the online world makes it much easier now to overcome these kinds of challenges without the resources of a corporate or commercial enterprise. For example, donor management systems and online fundraising platforms offer a very wide range of software and tools to help organise campaigns and contributors. And when you’re online fundraising, free analytics tools will highlight where campaigns were successful and where problems may have arisen so that you can do better next time around.

Every charity faces many of the same issues when it comes to fundraising. However, thanks to the ever-expanding world of online giving these are far easier to overcome. A well-organised fundraising platform is a good place to start – give.net, for example, could help you improve the success of campaigns and help increase donations.