10 Reasons Why Online Fundraising is a Great Platform to Raise Money

23 January 18

Whatever your cause, online fundraising offers some fantastic opportunities to generate awareness and raise money. There are many different ways to use the online world as a platform to raise cash and lots of benefits to doing so.

  1. Online giving grows year on year. In fact, across all sectors it’s expanding by 13+% per year. While this might seem like a modest figure right now, it’s one that reflects a much faster increase than other offline giving channels.
  2. Currently, around 7% of giving is online. What’s important to note about this figure is that it’s increasing per year and also that those who are engaging with online giving are often younger and more affluent demographics.
  3. Some sectors see even greater success. While the average increase for online giving is around 13% per year there are some sectors where this number is much higher. For example, fundraising focused on higher education has seen growth at almost 27% per year.
  4. If you target end of year giving you can see even better results. Online fundraising is a great way to tap into the annual spike that takes place around the end of the year. In December there is the opportunity to generate around 20% of yearly totals thanks to charitable initiatives and a general increase in generosity.
  5. We are generally more comfortable working with online giving now. The size of online fundraising donations has increased significantly over the past five years. The largest donations, for example, are now four times what they were five years ago. So, increasingly, supporters are much more interested in donating via an online platform.
  6. There’s no demographic restriction online. Yes, a lot of young people can be reached via online methods but that doesn’t isolate a non-profit from extending requests for support and help to other demographics. Now, more people in the 25-64 age bracket give online than off (the over 65s still prefer offline giving methods).
  7. Online fundraising supports an offline campaign. For example, if you’re looking to reach out to potential supporters via direct mail and online giving ,you can increase the effectiveness of both by working with the two channels together.
  8. Online giving can be a gateway. If you’re struggling to find ways to retain the donors that you attract online then you don’t have to stick to online methods. In fact, online fundraising can be a gateway and provide the opportunity to convert a supporter into a direct mail giver in the years to come.
  9. Online donors tend to be worth more. In terms of the lifetime value of a supporter, online donors are worth around two and a half times those who are originally acquired via direct mail.
  10. Online fundraising offers the opportunity to tap into social media acceleration. The value of social media fundraising is yet to be proven but it represents a huge opportunity to reach a significant audience at speed – and you need an online fundraising page in order to do this.

Online fundraising is a great way to reach supporters, whether as an isolated campaign or integrated into other strategies. If you’d like to find out more about how Give.net could help you do this have a look at our FAQs.