Why should churches utilise online giving platforms?

01 October 17

Churches and charities alike can benefit from utilising online donation platforms, whether they’re running specific fundraising campaigns or simply providing the opportunity for sponsors to donate all-year-round. So what are these benefits and how can churches get started on their fundraising journey utilising online giving platforms?

Automatic Gift Aid claims

One of the benefits to utilising an online giving platform like give.net is that we can claim Gift Aid on a weekly basis, automatically, and we make sure that this reclaimed tax reaches recipients as soon as it can. The delay is then no longer than 6-8 weeks from the point that the initial donation is made. Gift Aid can be a vital contributor to fundraising goals, particularly for churches and charities who may be looking for an amount to fund a specific project.

Reporting made easier

Online campaign and progress reporting is also something that churches can benefit from, just like any fundraising organisation. For example, give.net provides an overview of the total raised and the successes of the campaign over time, with the ability to view donations online, download them and export to other apps, or to use to contact supporters.

Fundraising made easy for churches online

For a church to get started with their online giving all they need to do is to register with us. Stewardship allows registered users to then create a donation page, and any specific fundraising pages, which are ideal for publicising campaigns that are currently running. These pages can be shared with supporters online, through email and social media… and then the funds should start coming in!

Getting supporters involved

Churches can have their own permanent donation page, which is where members and supporters can give online easily and securely on a one-off or regular basis. Fundraising pages raise awareness of different events and projects that your church is fundraising for, and these can link to your main donation page. What’s more is that your supporters can also create their own pages dedicated to raising money for your church or charity, which they can then share too.

Personalised online giving

Give.net provides all churches and charities with the ability to personalise their online profile and pages by using logos, imagery and any content that can be saved and changed at any time. You can even generate buttons which can be placed on your church website to make donating easier.

Register as a church on give.net today!