Why is online fundraising becoming more popular?

04 December 17

Online fundraising has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. It’s now one of the most popular ways to raise money – and also one of the most popular ways to give. It’s easy to see many of the benefits of raising awareness online, including that you can do it from anywhere and that we have all become very used to online purchasing and communication. But why has the online world become such a great place for fundraising in particular?


It offers a way to connect directly with potential supporters


You can use an online fundraising platform to reach potential supporters directly rather than relying on much more impersonal advertising methods. Online fundraising is a very shareable, versatile tool when it comes to spreading the word about a worthy cause and it’s very easy to get this directly in front of your potential supporters. Email and social media are particularly powerful and offer the opportunity to open a conversation and engage potential supporters. On the whole, people are more likely to respond to a direct appeal with a human face than they would to one that is much more generic and hasn’t been sent to them directly.


You can personalise the message


The right online fundraising platform will enable you to personalise the campaign and the message that you want to deliver to your potential supporters. There are lots of opportunities for doing this, from the content that you add to the page, to the images and messaging that you use. Personalisation is one of the biggest trends in the marketing world right now because it motivates people to act. It’s this element of using an online fundraising platform that makes this such a great way to raise awareness and cash.


The opportunity to prove plausibility


Online fundraising effectively gives you a blank canvas on which you can create whatever campaign you’re looking to. Credibility and plausibility will be central to whether people believe in you enough to support and having the space in which to demonstrate that is crucial. Are your aims realistic? Have you fully explained what the funds are for? It’s often the detail that delivers the plausibility and an online fundraising platform enables anyone looking to raise funds to pitch this at the right level.


We do everything online these days


If you want to tap into a market then you need to be where that market is. And, for virtually every demographic these days, that marketplace is online. We shop online, we chat online, we browse and research – so much of our lives are now carried out in the online world that it has become the best place to reach people if you’re looking to raise awareness for your campaign. That’s why an online fundraising platform is now so essential.


You can treat your supporters as individuals


Because you can connect directly with supporters and personalise the message your supporters are much more likely to feel valued. Valued supporters will go on to become ambassadors for your campaign and help to spread the word farther afield.


Give.net is a well established online fundraising platform that is free to use and offers all the advantages described above. Get in touch to find out more.