What if the church saw blood and organ donation as part of its giving?

19 March 13


A brand new initiative for 2013, sponsored by Stewardship’s give.net and backed by the NHS, asks a vital question: what if the UK church saw blood and organ donation as part of its giving?

A new survey, suggests that while individual church members may have a significant interest in donating blood and organs, the bigger picture shows that it is not encouraged by UK churches as part of their committed Christian giving.

The survey was conducted by Christian Research on behalf of Kore as part of the fleshandblood campaign launched earlier this year in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT).

The survey shows that close to 10% of Christians have given blood in the last year compared to 4% of the general population who have given blood in the last two years, and almost half of all Christians are registered on the NHS Organ Donor Register compared with 31% of the general population.

However despite these strong levels of engagement the overall findings reveal that many churches in Britain do not yet see blood and organ donation as a part of its giving, with an extremely low 0.3% of respondents stating that either blood or organ donation was a frequent part of their churchʼs teaching and over 75% saying that neither blood nor organ donation was ever mentioned or encouraged by their church.

The Rt Rev James Newcome, Lead Bishop on Healthcare for the Church of England says, “Extending our understanding of the central Christian themes of generosity and stewardship to include blood and organ donation has the potential to tangibly transform the giver and the receiver. The benefit to others is not only life enhancing but can mean the difference between life and death.”

fleshandblood Campaign Director, Juls Hollidge commented, “The church has always been known for its spirit of generosity. We want to encourage churches and church leaders to explore what it would mean if, alongside all its other great work, the Church were to see blood and organ donation as a part of that desire to be generous.”

This unique campaign seeks to equip individuals and churches as advocates for blood and organ donation enabling them to raise awareness of this key issue with their family, friends and community and potentially help to save thousands of lives each year.

Visit fleshandblood.org to find out more.