What benefits are there to using an online fundraising platform?

20 October 17

When you’re looking to fundraise there are many different approaches that you could take, however one approach that is proving more and more popular is using an online fundraising platform as part of your process. For thousands of people across the UK, using an online fundraising platform makes their fundraising much easier. Here are some of the benefits to using an online fundraising platform:

Donations are all recorded

Using a fundraising platform means that all donations are recorded. You can see in real time how far you are from your target, how much has been raised, and who has contributed. This helps to track all donations and keep up to date with the current total.

Gift Aid can be claimed easily

Another benefit is that anyone making a donation to your cause can simply tick a button to confirm that they are eligible for Gift Aid to be claimed on everything that they give – which can make it even easier to get to your total goal! It means that many of the donations you receive, as long as they are from UK taxpayers, will be worth more than if you were to simply collect the cash value.

Donations can be made in different ways

One of the biggest benefits to using an online fundraising platform is that it allows donations to be made in a number of different ways, depending on what is the most convenient for the giver. For example, card payments by Debit or Credit Card can be accepted, direct payments can be taken from Stewardship giving account balances,, or payment made by PayPal. This makes it much easier for your givers to make a donation.

Sharing is made simple

If you use an online fundraising platform, this gives you a dedicated, unique Page to directly share with friends and family.You can also send the link directly to sponsors via email or social networks, and they can click to donate straight away. This is all paperless, making the whole process more straightforward and immediate.

Give.net offers emergency giving

Give.net offers a range of sophisticated features which add to the online fundraising experience. This includes the ability to hold a balance in a giving account, ready to be given away another day. This means that your emergency appeal or seasonal campaign may appeal to those who use the giving account in this way. Don’t be afraid to encourage these kinds of givers to dip into their fund for your cause.

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