Top Tips to Boost Your Fundraising Online for Your Christmas Appeal

10 November 17

A Christmas appeal is a fantastic way to raise awareness and raise cash for a good cause for the new year. Whether you’re planning to do a seasonal event or you’re creating a campaign with a festive theme, the next few weeks represent a great opportunity to tap into all the goodwill around at Christmas and generate some positive results. Below are some key tips to help boost online fundraising for your Christmas appeal.

Create a great fundraising page

Your fundraising page will be the epicenter of any online fundraising and should be a comprehensive information source for anyone interested in your cause. Make sure you’ve included plenty of information about what you’re doing, as well as why you’re doing it. Personalise the page and give it some character – and if you really want to stand out then create some images and video that you can use to motivate people to support.

Set yourself a realistic target

Yes, it’s good to be ambitious but huge targets in the run up to Christmas can feel intimidating, both for you and your potential supporters. The best approach? Set a modest target and then, as you get closer to it, increase it so that you can keep encouraging people to donate.

Be the first to contribute to your Christmas appeal

The psychology of online fundraising reveals that you often need to have a little in the pot in order to give others the confidence to contribute to what you’re doing. So, why not start off the donations for your Christmas appeal by making one yourself. Get behind your own cause and others should soon follow.

Make the most of your online networks

Social networks and email lists provide a valuable foundation for Christmas appeal campaigns and could be the start of something that extends far and wide. Reach out to everyone you know, whether business or personal, and give them a good reason to get behind what you’re doing. Include links to your fundraising page and as many photos or images as you can to inspire people to get involved and support.

Be festive when you’re marketing

A Christmas appeal is a festive event! Whether you’re doing it purely online or in the real world too, the seasonal goodwill at this time of year is one of your major selling points. So, you can incorporate that into your images and the text you use to talk about the event, as well as any social posts and marketing that you decide to do.

Commit yourself to the process

Online fundraising isn’t always easy but there’s a lot of generosity around at this time of year. Even if your campaign doesn’t get off to the best start that’s no reason to give up. Keep working to generate interest, keep posting and talking about what you’re doing and eventually you’ll begin to see results.

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