Tips for churches and charities: how to make the most out of your give.net page

19 September 12

There are a few things in life that are meant to be together: salt and pepper, bangers and mash and… charities and give.net.

That last one may be a particularly new addition to the group but churches and charities, hear this: give.net is here to help.

As more people choose to give online, setting up a permanent give.net donation page for your church or charity can offer an effective additional stream of income. Gifts made on a give.net page will have Gift Aid reclaimed automatically by Stewardship, if applicable, increasing the amounts you receive by up to 25%.

Here are our tips for setting up and using your give.net page:

1. Register your charity to use give.net

Utterly painless and free of charge, all you need to do to register with give.net is download and complete our recipient application form. One of our team will then check your application and, assuming you’re eligible to register, provide you with a Stewardship recipient ID and access to use give.net. If you are currently registered with Stewardship, then you are already automatically set up to use give.net. Just log in to your give.net dashboard using your Stewardship login details and you are good to go…

2. Start receiving online donations

Once logged in to give.net, just click on ‘create a donation page’ and within a few seconds you’ll have your very own page to receive secure credit and debit card donations online. Link to your new donation page from your website using one of our free donation buttons, or design your own to match your brand.

3. Build online fundraising appeals

If your church or charity is running a fundraising event or special appeal, in addition to your permanent donation page you can also create your own give.net fundraising pages. These pages incorporate your logo, a few additional pictures, a description of your event and allow supporters to leave messages of support.

4. Tell your supporters about give.net

Anyone who wants to support your work can also build their own page on give.net the next time they’re fundraising on your behalf. If you’ve got a section on your website about fundraising, you can add one of our free banners to help people get started on give.net.

5. Promote your give.net pages on social media

Add a link from your church or charity’s social media pages to your give.net page to make it even easier for your supporters to give online.