The science bit – giving with Stewardship

27 February 12

Giving with Stewardship is a bit like internet banking, just for all your charitable giving. And for thousands of people in the UK, it’s the most convenient way to organise all of their giving in one place.

The idea of giving with Stewardship is simple.

  • You make all your charitable gifts to Stewardship – in the way that best suits you (regularly by Direct Debit, one-off amounts by card, or straight from your salary by Stewardship Payroll Giving).

  • We reclaim Gift Aid on everything you give (providing you confirm that we can), or make it easy to qualify for other applicable tax reliefs. You then know all of your giving is tax-effective, making it easy to complete any tax assessments each year.

  • We create mini funds for each charity, church or Christian worker registered with us to receive funds – think of it like lots of jars of loose change on the mantelpiece, only bigger…. and electronic.
  • You then ask us to add amounts to these mini funds, regularly or occasionally, to any of the 19,000 and counting recipients registered with us. You can give in confidence, knowing that every recipient has been vetted and approved by Stewardship.

  • You can also hold a balance in your giving account – whether you like to keep something back for emergency appeals, don’t know what you want to support, or need to give at key points in the year (maybe a Christmas bonus, or before the end of a tax year?).

All your giving, in one simple, easy-to-organise online account. And now give.net takes this tried and tested platform to a whole new giving level.

  • Your fundraising page on give.net is a great way of encouraging all your friends and relatives to give some of their money into Stewardship’s pot for your favourite charity.

Get started on give.net now.