The basics of creating  a strong online fundraising campaign with longevity

15 March 18

It’s amazing what you can achieve with a strong online fundraising campaign. With the right structure, strategy and planning you can build a community around your cause and raise crucial funds to deliver essential resources. However, not every online fundraising campaign lives up to expectations – and not all have the kind of longevity that makes them truly effective. So, how do you ensure that your campaign succeeds where others have not?


Stand out from the crowd


Whether it’s the way that you phrase your cause or the way that you’re approaching solving a particular problem, it’s much easier for supporters to get behind what you’re doing if it’s something that hasn’t been done before.


Engage in visual storytelling


You don’t have to be tugging on heartstrings to build a successful fundraising campaign but you do need to be creating some kind of narrative. Powerful narratives are motivational and enable supporters to engage with the story itself and also with those who are affected. It will lodge your campaign much more deeply in people’s hearts than any amount of fancy design or expensive advertising could.


Be precise and focused in your call to action


What is the cause (e.g. save the whales) and what is the effect that you’re trying to achieve? (e.g. reduce the possibility of extinction of certain species). You just don’t need any more information than this and if you include it then you’re confusing the message.


Create some urgency around your campaign


This is crucial to ensuring that you maintain momentum and so that, when people come across your message, they are encouraged to act straight away. If the campaign messages don’t have any urgency built in then it’s all too easy for potential supporters to put off their potential donation for another time. Which means that it can all too easily get forgotten.


Don’t rely on a single channel


There are so many options open to those looking to establish a successful online fundraising campaign today that it doesn’t make sense to rely on a single channel to reach people. From email campaigns through to website content, social media and traditional media and advertising, a successful campaign that has the potential to be long lasting will be a blend of more than one approach.


Be realistic when it comes to setting your goals


It’s fine to be ambitious and to be motivated but goals must also be realistic to be credible. It’s important to ensure that your goals are specific and measurable too. Asking supporters to donate £5 each to cover the cost of a £5,000 building for a dog shelter is much more motivational than asking supporters to help you end the dog meat trade forever, for example.


Engage with your supporters


Chat via social media, answer emails and listen to suggestions. You might also want to consider incorporating user generated contact – such as selfies – in campaigns, as this can have a big impact on reach.


Give people a simple way to act


Ensure that it is clear how and where people can donate, on the website, via social media and in emails. Make sure your campaign is mobile friendly so that supporters can act to help you on the move.


A well structured fundraising page is crucial to a successful online fundraising campaign – give.net provides the perfect foundation from which to build yours.