Online giving is more secure than you thought… even more than in person!

15 April 18

Online giving has proven something of a phenomenon, enabling givers to support a wide range of causes, whether local or not. But is it secure? Traditionally, we’ve assumed that there can be no more secure way of making a donation than handing it over in person or sending someone a cheque. However, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that actually it’s online giving that is the most secure way to donate to the causes that people love these days.


Legitimate charities are verified


Whether donations are online or off it’s always important to check whether a charity is legitimate by looking at its charity number and credentials. However, when donating via online giving part of this process is often made easier, as many online giving platforms have their own verification processes that charities have to go through before they can appear on the site.


Donations are often protected


When supporters donate via an online giving platform, the money doesn’t go straight to the charity but is often held in trust by that platform for the charity. That means that if anything should happen to the charity during that time the donations are protected. So, for example, if the charity is pursued by an administrator, the donations made will not be sacrificed but are kept separate.


Personal data is kept secure


With new data protection regulations coming into force this year, every business in every sector now understands the importance of protecting personal information and keeping it secure. Online giving platforms have systems in place to ensure that donor details are kept secure and properly managed. Plus, it’s much more secure for donors to provide information like this digitally than on a paper form that could end up being abandoned or not securely disposed of.


Payment security is top priority


Online payments fraud has been a hot topic recently but there are ways to ensure that donations made via online giving are kept free from situations that could compromise a giver’s information. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a system that indicates the information provided by a donor is being actively protected. The PCI DSS is a set of six security standards that covers the key elements of online financial security. These include everything, from the design of the software used to ongoing security management. Where PCI DSS standards are being met this is an indication of one of the safest ways for donors to support their favourite causes.


Card data is protected


There are many steps taken to protect supporter’s card data through the process of online giving. From encryption through to safe data storage and ensuring donation receipts are provided instantly, there are multiple safeguards that online giving platforms can implement in order to ensure that data is secure and the process of giving is well managed.


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