Make the Most of Your Fundraising in Light of the Facebook News Feed Changes

05 February 18

Facebook’s news feed algorithm is getting a dramatic new makeover for 2018. The motivation behind the changes is to prioritise “meaningful social interactions” and to focus on fostering a greater sense of community and wellbeing among Facebook users. This was all explained recently by head honcho Mark Zuckerberg. However, given that the result of these changes will be that posts from businesses, brands and media will be de-prioritised in favour of friends and family, what does this mean for those using Facebook as a fundraising tool?

The Facebook Page

If you’re currently using a Facebook Page for your non-profit or charity as a way of fundraising then this could suffer as a result of these changes. It will now become even more challenging for those “broadcasting” from a Facebook Page to achieve genuine organic reach. As paid-for posts are often simply not within fundraising budgets where does that leave those who need Facebook to help with online fundraising?

“Meaningful interactions”

Although the changes that will affect Facebook Pages might be difficult to adjust to, this shift in the Facebook algorithm also presents an opportunity for those who are fundraising. Facebook has said that its new focus is all about “meaningful interactions,” which is something that charitable causes tend to generate every day, across all social media platforms. In many ways these new ideas of meaningful interactions and community are much better suited to the charitable sector and to fundraising than any of the Facebook algorithm’s previous iterations.

The importance of sharing stories

It may well be the personal element of fundraising that comes to the fore with this change to the Facebook algorithm. Many of the most successful fundraising campaigns of recent years have had a significant element of personal story to them – and success has often come from the impact this has had in terms of individual shares. The recent #MeToo campaign is a great example of this – as a result of the success of the social campaign, post shares and use of the hashtag rape crisis charities saw a 30% spike in donations.

How to adapt to the new algorithm

  • Adjust the types of posts that you’re using on Facebook – general awareness type posts are fine but it may be that posts of a more personal nature, such as success stories, have more impact.
  • Create a social media strategy, if you don’t already have one. This should include some analysis of posts and engagement with them to work out which posts are having the most impact for you.
  • Look at different ways in which you can use the new algorithm to engage users -for example in the comments sections of posts and also via Facebook groups
  • Spend more time on the posts that you create – are they “meaningful,” do they offer something genuinely interesting to a Facebook user and are they designed to engage?

Facebook and social media are an important part of any fundraising campaign. Make sure you have the right platform to support your social activities with a give.net fundraising page.