Jemma- running lots of races for water

10 October 13

Jemma running all year

Meet Jemma, running enthusiast and supporter of charity: water. We caught up with her recently to find out more about why she’s decided to ‘run all year’ in support of a cause she loves. Read on to find out more…

What made you decide to do a fundraiser run for charity: water?

Last year I raised over £300 for Dreamflight, a charity I have been involved with for many years. The success of my drive and the good feeling it brought to me made me want to take on a larger challenge. I began to run more and decided to dedicate the whole of 2013 to raising money for charity: water. I reasoned that if I could raise £300 with one 10K, I could raise much, much more by pushing myself to run over 15 races over the course of the year.

For those that aren’t in the know, could you describe a little bit about charity: water and how the charity has impacted you personally?

charity: water  focus on providing clean, safe water to developing countries. There are, of course, many charities that do this, but charity: water is unique in that it has the 100% model. Private donors fund operating costs, meaning that 100% of public donations go towards their intended use- not fundraising or admin costs. With charity: water you know every single penny is being used in the most efficient way possible to provide water for as many people as possible.

Safe, accessible water helps communities in more ways than are immediately obvious. Yes, health improves and death rates drop, but there are secondary benefits too. Literacy improves as children are able to go to school instead of walking for hours to collect water each day. Women can go to work. Food can be grown and washed close to the house, and surplus can be sold. It improves not only life expectancy but also the quality of life.

Have you been doing any training for your run?

I’ve been training hard since the start of the year with one 16-week training plan for my first marathon in June, and I’m coming to the end of a 12-week training plan that led up to my second marathon at the end of September. I also cross-train by cycling five miles to work every day and I’ve been doing Body Balance to keep my muscles flexible. I’m looking forward to having a rather quieter winter!

How has your experience of fundraising been so far?

It has been good. I’m so pleased that other people are as passionate about charity: water as I am. I am also quite nervous about reaching my target- I hope I get close!

Do you think you will do any more fundraisers in the future?

Definitely! Though I do think that in 2014, I will choose to fundraise for a charity with just one race. It’ll have to be a big one- perhaps an ultra! Gulp!

You can keep up to date with her training and races through Jemma’s website,https://www.thepigandthepen.com or by following her on twitter: @jemmasaid.

There’s still time to donate – head to Jemma’s fundraising page here: