How to use Facebook to increase your Fundraising

05 January 18

Social media has a big part to play in successful online fundraising. And, with 2.07 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is one of the social platforms with the most potential. If you’re looking to increase the reach – and the effectiveness – of your fundraising then Facebook provides a simple and cost effective way to do it.


Boost your posts


It’s simple to boost posts on Facebook and this can greatly increase the reach of your messaging to the most receptive audience – as well as their connections and networks. Choose the posts that you boost carefully – they should be clear, concise and impactful. Make sure you have a link back to your fundraising page on give.net (or similar) to ensure that once people are motivated to give it’s easy to do.


Use Facebook ads


Facebook ads will give you the opportunity to reach beyond immediate networks and out to cold audiences (i.e. not those where you already have connections or relationships). Lookalike Audiences are those that are similar to your existing supporters or customers and can be a very easy way to broaden the reach of your online fundraising campaign. They are created in Facebook Ad Manager – aim for a maximum percentage range Lookalike of 0 – 3%.


Make the most of Facebook’s audience insights


Facebook is a data goldmine, particularly when it comes to understanding and segmenting your audience. Use Facebook’s tools to identify and gain insight into the various audience segments that you have and this can effectively inform the Facebook Ads that you buy.


Vary your content


If you really want to make Facebook work for you then it’s important to vary the type of content that you’re posting to the platform. Difference audiences will respond to different types of posts and you may need to work harder than you thought to generate profile and engagement. So, for example, rather than simply making every post a link to your fundraising page or a plea for support, create informative content that tells potential supporters something about your cause too. You could also include inspiring stories related to your online fundraising cause, as well as illustrating why you’re doing what you’re doing.


Use all the resources at your disposal


Images and video perform incredibly well on Facebook. 100 million hours of Facebook videos, for example, are now watched every day on Facebook and if you’re looking to get your content noticed adding video is a great way to do it. You can create a simple Facebook video about your campaign, whether that’s an animated explainer video or a video of an event or members of the team. Share it on your social media profile and include the link to your fundraising page and you’ll be able to drive traffic to your online fundraising page via the engagement that you get from the video.


Facebook can be a useful part of any online fundraising campaign. Once you’ve set up your page on give.net it’s easy to use the social media platform to drive potential supporters towards secure, simple giving.