How to make your online fundraising appealing to encourage donations

15 December 17

While online fundraising provides a fantastic opportunity to gain traction and cash for your cause, it’s also becoming an increasingly difficult place in which to stand out. Success is often measured in donations and if your goal is to generate as many donations as possible then you’re going to need to make your online fundraising campaign broadly appealing. Luckily, there are many different ways to do this, whether you have significant resources or not.


Identify your audience


When you start the process of tailoring your online fundraising efforts you need to know who you’re aiming them at. Although the idea might be to reach as many people as possible, early success will be the result of tapping into a key group or demographic who can get behind what you’re trying to do and spread the word to others too. So, identify that initial audience – animal lovers? Millennials? Retirees? – and then begin to think about what would make your campaign appeal to that audience.


Make a compelling case for your cause


Whether you’re a charity, non-profit or individual you are entering a crowded marketplace, as there are lots of voices looking for donations in the online fundraising world. That’s why it’s so important to make the case for your particular cause in a compelling way. Why should supporters donate to your cause in particular? What’s in it for them? What are you going to do with the money that you raise that others may not do?


Ensure that donating is simple and fast


It’s crucial that there are no obstacles standing in the way of the moment when a supporter decides to donate so that they are able to go through and finish the transaction quickly. That’s why it’s so important to use a well established fundraising platform where you can create a personalised page and which makes the process of donating clear and simple. Potential supporters are easily put off by complex instructions or simply not being able to find the ‘donate’ button so you can make your online fundraising more appealing simply by using the right platform.


Be credible and trustworthy


From using an established online fundraising platform, to providing clear and easy to understand information about where the donations go, everything you can do to make your online fundraising more credible will contribute to its appeal. This is particularly important when it comes to the transactional element of the donation – supporters should be able to give easily and quickly and see trust seals and marks when it’s time to get their money ready.


Make the process fun

Saying “thank you” for a donation is just polite and you’ll energise your supporters to go out and campaign for you with the right thank you message. Keep the language light and upbeat and look into incentives that you could offer to make the process more appealing. This could be something like a free gift, a handwritten note or a refund of a proportion of a donation if a supporter is able to go on to recruit someone else to donate too.


There are many different ways to make your online fundraising more appealing. The right online fundraising platform plays a big role in this – find out more about how we can support your campaign.