How do all of your teams work together to fundraise online?

09 May 18

Online fundraising is a very effective way to make an impact. However, it’s often easy to underestimate just how many people it takes to make a campaign come together and achieve the heady heights of success. So, how do all of your teams work together to fundraise online?


The frontline people


You might be a large charity with service workers going out into the community to do the work that you are raising funds for. Or you could be a small organisation currently testing out new ways to make a difference to an area of concern that really engages you. Whichever label applies, you will always have frontline staff who are dealing with the public and so who need to be well immersed in the policies and principals of your fundraising to ensure that this is conveyed to the people that they interact with. The frontline workers can have just as much impact on overall digital fundraising success as the most expensive digital marketing campaign.


The comms team


Whether your communications team is large and spread across different locations, or consists of one person who agreed to help you manage your social media, the comms team has a role to play in making online fundraising successful. Communications needs to be fully integrated into what your frontline people are saying and doing on the ground, as well as the objectives at the heart of your fundraising. This will enable you to tie up the messaging and ensure that there is consistency between the different ways in which potential supporters experience your organisation.


Finance staff


There is often a disconnect between the more practical functions of a charity and those that are really engaged with its values and objectives. The finance team is often one of those “practical” teams that may consider itself less a part of the overall fundraising efforts than those who are working on the frontline, for example. However, the way that the finance team works with others in the business can have a big impact on how easy it is to fundraise online. Not only can the finance team provide key insights into how to maximise fundraising efforts, but they can be a motivational force in setting the right fundraising targets and ensuring that those who are striving to meet them are kept on track.


How can you ensure that everyone is genuinely working together?


  • Make sure everyone is engaged, from the top down. Fundraising enterprises are not like a business looking to generate profit. It is the values, objectives and meaning in a fundraising team that is important so it’s key to ensure everyone is engaged.
  • Make the supporter experience a priority. Everyone can contribute to this, from finance through to frontline or IT.
  • Reward collaboration. Create a culture that rewards cross-team work and collaboration so that you’re all working towards the same fundraising goal.


Every element of your approach matters, from the fundraising platform you use to the way that you treat your team. Together they can combine to help you do great things.