How can an online platform form a key part of your online fundraising campaign?

19 December 17

Online giving presents a fantastic opportunity to raise money and awareness for a cause that you’re passionate about. It has become a very popular option, both for individual fundraisers, and for charities looking to reach out to a wide audience of potential supporters. An online fundraising platform has a key role to play in a digital strategy that will result in a successful online giving campaign.


Tips for creating a successful online fundraising campaign


There are a number of different ways in which the online world presents opportunities for those who are looking to raise money for good causes.


An online fundraising platform. Using an online fundraising platform solves two of the major problems for any fundraiser: 1) creating an engaging and personalised page that you can direct your potential supporters to and 2) providing a trusted and secure donation mechanism. For charities, working with an online fundraising platform allows individual supporters to raise funds on behalf of a charity and this can be incredibly effective.


The donation button. If you’re using an online fundraising platform then the donation button is built in to your page in a prominent position where it will attract attention. It’s important to make sure that donating is simple and fast – and smartphone friendly. Offer a range of payment methods so that supporters can find the option that’s right for them and make sure the process is not too complicated or you might lose people along the way. Security will be important to supporters too, which is why an online fundraising platform like give.net – which is completely secure – is such a great choice.


Engaging social media. You don’t have to look far for examples of how social media has given life to successful fundraising campaigns (for example, the #icebucketchallenge). With platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook you have a great opportunity to attract attention to what you’re trying to do. Social media platforms are starting to respond to this directly now – for example, there is now a Facebook Fundraisers community which, among other things, allows for donations to be made during a Facebook Live broadcast. Social media works best with concise and compelling messages that are easy to share. So, if you want to harness the power of these platforms create short and emotive content that is easy to understand and pass on.


Getting celebrity support. You might not be able to walk up to a famous pop star or footballer in the street and ask for their support – but, thanks to the online world, there are now many other ways to reach them. All it takes is one share from someone with a large blog following, high website traffic or sizeable social account and you could smash through all your goals. So, when you’re creating your campaign look for the best celebrities to target. Having a credible, personalised and creative online fundraising platform page could be the key to getting prominent supporters on board.


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