Giving anonymously with give.net

18 March 14

Give anonymously

Give.net – the online giving platform from Stewardship – makes it super easy to give without your name attached in a few simple steps:

1. Search for your chosen charity/cause here.



2. Select the correct donation page (you can also give anonymously to fundraising pages!), and enter the amount you’d like to give. You can also choose whether to attach Gift Aid to the gift or not.

Enter amount select gift aid option


3. You’ll be invited to either log in to your Stewardship/Give.net account, create a new account or continue without creating an account. Follow the online instructions, and then – once you get to the ‘Confirm Gift’ page – you’ll be presented with the option to give anonymously.


anonymous giving

4. Finish up and bask in a warm (anonymous) glow. Happy giving!

p.s. Did you get here via 40acts? Bookmark this page because you’ll need it later on in the 2014 challenge…. 🙂