Give.net launches victorious

02 August 12


A few Sundays ago I sat in the third row from the front of my church, playing on my iPhone and waiting for the service to start. My empire was just about to be crushed by the mighty French armies and all the cavalry in the world couldn’t have prevented it (I was playing Civilization Revolution). I was feeling fairly despondent about it, to be honest. But then I heard someone say something that felt like a victory.

‘I’m doing a marathon for charity next month. You can sponsor me on give.net

I left the French to their ignoble conquest and whipped my head around to see who’d said it.

‘Steve!’ I said, beaming like a proud parent, ‘Did I just hear you say you’ve got a give.net page?’

He nodded, and then told me all about challenge he was about to do. We sat and spoke about the charity, and then I gave him a few tips on using his new fundraising page. Afterwards I sent a suitably excited text message to Daniel – one of the give.net whizzkids – telling him that this thing was working! Someone who previously had no connection to give.net or Stewardship was now fundraising with us! I used a lot of exclamation marks, and I felt absolutely no shame.

Why was I so excited? Mainly because give.net is brilliant, and I can’t wait for people to discover it. Give.net is beautifully designed and it’s powered by a charity, for charities. It’s fundraising with soul. And this month – July 2012 – it opens up for everyone to use.

For the past few months, while we’ve quietly been testing the cogs and experimenting with new features in the lab, our beta fundraisers (Stewardship account holders) have created almost a thousand fundraising pages. More importantly – they’ve managed to raise a whopping £10,307 for the causes they love.

This summer we’ll be spreading the word about give.net far and wide, encouraging all of the big-hearted bungee-jumpers, mountain-bikers and bakers (and everyone else besides) to come and fundraise with give.net.  I’d love it if you did the same. If you’re planning a fundraising event – whether you’re jumping out of a plane or organising a church BBQ – think give.net.  You won’t need to create a Stewardship account, and you can set up a page in a matter of minutes. Take a look and get started here.

Need inspiration? Have a look at Graham Emmett or Team Stewardship’s give.net pages.