Fun facts About Most Online Donors

10 January 18

Online giving is now one of the most popular ways to support charitable causes. According to the Charitable Giving Report, online donations now make up roughly two thirds of total funds that are being raised. So, if this is your chosen method of fundraising then you are directing your energies to the right place. But how much do you really know about online donors? They say that knowledge is power and the more you understand your potential supporters the easier it will be to communicate with them – and get them to give.

Even Millennials care…

Yes that’s right, it’s not just the mid-range generations who show up in the statistics for online giving but younger people too. In fact, it’s almost impossible to predict the likely age of online donors now, as they could be drawn from a wide range of age groups.

Older people can use the internet…

Previous reports on online giving have focused on the under 40s as the prime market of givers – often because those over the age of 65 are assumed to be offline. However, that’s simply not the case anymore – 50% of donors over the age of 60 give online so when you’re designing your online fundraising campaigns don’t forget to include the silver surfers too.

Nobody cares at the weekends

Well, that’s not strictly true. However, most of the research that has been carried out into when people are most likely to dig deep for charity indicates that weekdays are a much more fruitful time than a Saturday or a Sunday. Monday and Wednesday tend to be the days when the most online donations are made. Whether this is guilt over a good weekend or relief that the week is nearly half over who knows. Whatever the reason, it certainly makes sense to focus your online fundraising campaigns around these times.

We expect to be able to give on the go

The trend towards mobile everything is growing by the year – and that’s no different for online fundraising. Just under half of under 35s use a mobile device to make donations. While that figure drops slightly the higher you climb in the age demographic it still highlights the need for optimised online fundraising pages that are mobile responsive, secure and enable people to donate while on the bus (or in a taxi or out for lunch etc..)

Sometimes giving is seasonal

You won’t be surprised to learn that December is traditionally a bumper month for online giving. However, that’s not the only fluctuation that you’re likely to see throughout the course of the year. The seasonal peaks and troughs you experience will depend on your cause and on the people that you’re targeting as supporters. It’s often worth tracking and monitoring the donations you receive to collect season-specific data that will show you when your optimum times are.

If you’re looking to appeal to a wide range of online givers then you’ll need a well-established online fundraising platform from which to do it. Give.net offers accessibility, reliability and security – everything you’ll need to start seeing those donations rolling in.