Agency vs. Charity

02 March 12

Ready for the science bit?

Traditionally, fundraising page websites have been built using an agency relationship between the website and the charity being supported.  Complicated?  Not really.   Behind the scenes each of these providers have asked their registered charities to sign an agreement, allowing them to handle donations and reclaim Gift Aid on their behalf.

There is nothing wrong with that model, but give.net is a little different.

When you give on give.net your charitable gift is directly to Stewardship, and is sent with a little note requesting that the amount gets added to one of our 19,000 (and counting) funds for other charities, churches and other charitable causes.

It’s a subtle difference, but with added bonuses.

It means that whenever you return to give.net, we won’t need to ask you to complete another Gift Aid declaration on behalf of each charity you support.  You make one Gift Aid declaration to Stewardship and that’s it.

You can also use our full giving accounts service to build a giving balance over time – perfect for when that surprise sponsorship request comes through and money is tight at the end of the month.

There are even cleverer things that we’ll be able to do with give.net over time, thanks to being a charity and not an agency.  More on that later…