6 online fundraising trends we are likely to see in the near future

05 February 18

The online world changes at a fast pace and the trends and ideas that affect digital in general are also filtering down into online fundraising. Whether you’re planning to create your own campaign in the near future, or curious about where the upcoming changes could be, here are 6 online fundraising trends to look out for.


  1. Getting to grips with data


Big data has been a “thing” for several years but it’s only now that we are really starting to get to grips with how to process data and the best way to use it. In the world of online fundraising this means looking at existing data already gathered and finding new ways to make it work. Many charities already have vast data stores that are sitting gathering dust – what we’re about to see is organisations making these assets work harder to build campaigns and engage supporters.


  1. The GDPR


From 25th May 2018 the GDPR arrives in the world of online fundraising, which means greater focus on data security and transparency in terms of where data comes from and how it is treated. So, consent to data collection and contact must be a proactive step for supporters – the days of the pre-ticked box for consent to contact are behind us – and anyone collecting data must also be able to delete it on the user’s request. The result should be a relationship of more trust between online fundraisers and supporters, as well as the creation of genuinely engaged support communities.


  1. The Next Big Thing


We haven’t had a globally successful viral fundraising campaign for a while now. The No Make Up Selfie and the Ice Bucket Challenge were probably the last significant targeting fundraisers. Which means that we’re due another in the very near future…


  1. Digital upgrades


Online fundraising is not the most advanced sector when it comes to digital transformation but we are now entering a period in which it has become a whole-organisation requirement. So, the movement towards training and educating everyone within the organisation will be part of the trend towards the digital upgrade. Dedicated teams for social media or software development could become the norm and HR, PR and marketing are just some of the departments where digital will really embed.


  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)


AI sounds like something from a futuristic film but in reality it’s a great way for time and resource-poor organisations to do more – and it’s already here. From voice activated assistants being used to make donations, to intelligent chat bots able to interact with supporters, AI is going to become an increasingly popular and more effective part of online fundraising very soon.


  1. Supporter engagement


The driving motivation behind campaigns is likely to switch much more towards supporter retention and loyalty, as organisations begin to see the value in holding on to supporters and developing existing relationships. That means taking more care at every step of engagement, from acknowledging donations to reaching out for help.


A comprehensive fundraising platform remains a key part of any online fundraising campaign – at give.net you’ll find secure and simple giving is easy to achieve and much more effective to market.