5 ways to guarantee success in reaching your church or charity fundraising goal

30 October 17

Every fundraising campaign is different, but there is strategy behind the method you take and things that you can do to maximise your success during this process. Whether you’re a charity organising a fun run, or a church looking to raise money for a building project or community outreach programme, there are some things that you can do to guarantee that you’ll successfully reach your fundraising goal. Here are 5 ways that you can work towards reaching your fundraising target:

#1 Set your specific aims

Most fundraisers know what they are raising money for, but it can be helpful to be specific about what your aims actually are. It could be to raise a certain sum of money in a set period of time, or it could be to engage with a high number of people contributing to your fundraising. Perhaps it is a percentage increase in the donations you receive compared to your last fundraising campaign, or maybe it is to increase your numbers of regular donors. It’s important to create clear goals, so that you can measure your success as you go along. Give.net includes a helpful totalizer on each fundraising page, so that you can see how much you’ve raised so far.

#2 Be transparent about how the funds will be used

The next thing to consider is how you are going to work towards your goal, understanding that it is important to be open about your plan. Everyone from your internal organisation as well as donors should be clear about the aim of your fundraising, and this open and honest approach often generates a higher response because it is clear where the donations will be going.

#3 Keep track and be accountable

Throughout the fundraising process it is imperative that you keep track of everything that is being raised and where it is coming from. This should be changing in real-time to clearly demonstrate where you are at in terms of your goals at any given point during your campaign. Using this method can help to increase focus and refine your fundraising techniques, pushing specific kinds of advertising where necessary and using the positive results to encourage even greater progress.

#4 Celebrate milestones

Each donation, no matter how small, is a step towards your end fundraising goal. It’s important to recognise these small and significant milestones to keep you motivated and encouraged – whether it’s receiving the biggest donation you’ve had, a certain number of donations, or even a target amount of money, it’s important to share these victories and celebrate them as a team.

#5 Stay realistic but be ambitious

Of course it is important to stay realistic about your fundraising goals, but it’s also vital to be ambitious and positive about the outcome of your campaign. Working out the time and cost of running the fundraising campaign will allow you to evaluate whether it is worthwhile, but it’s important to be positive and not let fear hold you back. Stay determined, stick to your budget and make changes where necessary.

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